Rules and Regulations:

By registering or joining any of the event organized by Sahyadri outdoor & adventures, it is assumed that you have read, understood & agreed to the following.

  • 1. During the treks, tours or any adventure activity, the decision of authorized representative of Sahyadri outdoor & adventures will be final and binding on all the participants.

    2. Every member will follow the pre-set time table for the trek.

    3. Each participant Shall Protect The Flora And Fauna And Try Not To Deface Or Damage Any Monument By Writing Or Scribbling On It.

    4. Participant should follow eco friendly behavior and respect nature i.e. avoid throwing plastics, any type of garbage in the places visited etc.

    5. Consumption or carrying of ALCOHOL or SMOKING is strictly prohibited.

    6. If participant is found to disobey the directions/instructions of the authorized representative of Sahyadri Outdoor & Adventures, participant shall themselves be liable for consequences faced.

    7. Tasks Allotted By The Leader Should Be Performed Diligently By Every Participant.

    8. If the event is being filmed, recorded or photographed, by the official photographer or staff, participants give the right to allow these images / films to be used by Sahyadri outdoor & Adventures and associated companies.

    9. Participants are welcome to take pictures or make films of their experience, however these must solely be for personal use, use of these images or films for professional purposes must be pre agreed.

    10. Participant is responsible to inform the representative of organization regarding and medical ailments an disorders etc. arising during the program should be informed to the organizers. The respective leader will provide first-aid medical treatment.

    11. Participant/Guardians should understand the risks involved in any adventure activity, before enrolling.

    12. Participants accept that all these events are in remote locations, and in the event of emergency, transfer to local medical facilities can take several hours or longer.

    13. Sahyadri Outdoor & Adventures strongly recommends that participants have Insurance that covers them for personal belongings, travel, hospitalisation, medical care and repatriation. In the event that injury or sickness requires any of the above.

    14. Hiking / Trekking / Rock Climbing Is An Adventurous Activity And Accidents Can Happen In Spite Of Taking Utmost Caution And Care. In case of any injury, sickness, accident, death or any other casualty or loss or damage of valuables or luggage; organizers, volunteers or experts of Sahyadri Outdoor & Adventures shall not be responsible in any manner for the same and no claims of participants, parents, guardians of participants will be entertained.

    15. Sahyadri outdoor & Adventures reserves the right to refuse or withdraw participants from events where they feel it is necessary.

    These terms and conditions may be altered or added to as required.

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